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25% of the rental fee are due within 2 weeks after the contract has been closed. The rest and the refundable security deposit are to be paid until 30 days before the lease commences.

Payment information

You may pay by sending a check, by credit card or by direct money transfer.


If you decide to send a check, please mail it to the address pointed out in the rental agreement form page 1 or on the "My address" page of this site. In order to meet the stipulated due-dates of the respective payments please factor in the time needed for transport by postal service and about two weeks for getting back the payment confirmation from your bank.

Credit card

Yes, we accept major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB.

If you wish to pay by card, you have two options: Either you fill in your credit card information in the rental agreement form (page 5), and we charge your card in accordance with the stipulated due dates and amounts.

However, unless you mail or fax the filled in contract form to us, your credit card information may be at risk, since email transmissions are not usually encrypted.

Therefore we offer credit card payment via a secured internet terminal. If you opt to pay by card but do not provide us with credit card information in the lease, we will send you an electronic invoice containing a link to an encrypted internet terminal. As you follow that link, you will be safely guided through the credit card payment process.

Credit card payment is possible only if the card holder lives in the US or Canada. Europeans may easily pay by SEPA-remittance (see below - Direct money transfer).

Direct money transfer / SEPA

If you wish to pay via direct money transfer please ask for our account information, such as bank name and address, routing number and account number. However, payment by direct money transfer though quick and secure costs - depending on your bank and selected account plan - usually between $50 to $100.

If you are located in the European Union you may transfer money by SEPA-remittance to our Euro-account in Germany. SEPA-payment is at a low cost - around 2,50 to 5 Euro - the most convenient way to send money in Europe inclunding non-Euro-countries like Great Britain. For SEPA remittance we will provide you with IBAN and BIC on request.


We refund due deposits by check, direct money transfer or credit card, whatever you prefer within two weeks after the place has been returned.