Snowbird-Home - Book your vacation rental in Florida

Late arrival

  • Arrival until 7pm is free of charge
  • 7-9pm: $30 surcharge
  • 9-11pm: $50 surcharge;
  • after 11pm: $70 surcharge.

The late arrival surcharge reflects the higher risk of hand-over without personal assistance or, alternatively, extended hours of personnel necessary to perform the hand-over.

Hand-over of the the vacation home MUST be arranged with the keyholder, lest you will be left standing on the street!

Pick-up for example at the airport or a rental car can be arranged, but such services are neither included in the rental fee nor in the mentioned charges for late arrival.



On the day of departure as stated in the booking confirmation the rental period ends at 10am; late return may be charged.

Please leave the home as clean as it was handed over to you. Final cleaning will be charged if the premises are not returned in mint condition.

Please do not forget to clean the BBQ, the range, and the microwave oven if you have used them.

Please strip the used beds and place used sheets, towels, and bedding on the floor in the laundry room.

Please do not remove any electrical plugs of equipment, devices, and appliances from the wall outlets.



None of our homes is wheelchair-suited.

Also we hold that they are not suitable for people so frail that they cannot overcome an obstacle like a regular size step.

All of our homes have steps from the outside to the inside and a step from the garage into the interior.

Besides, our places don't come with the standard of at least 32" wide doors throughout.



As we do not wish to grieve people with sensitive scent or those who are allergic to pet hair we strictly reject all rental inquiries including pets of any kind. Pets are not permitted to the premises in any case.



Our places are non-smoker rentals. Please do not smoke in the house.


Grocery and consumables

Generally we hand over our homes devoid of food. You may find some seasoning, salt, sugar, coffee, tea, but there is no guarantee.

There is a good chance the place provides some stock of soap, detergent, toilet paper, propane gas and the like; however, it is not our policy to regularly check and replenish such consumables. Consumables are not included in the rental fee.

A drive to the local "WalMart" takes about 15 minutes, it is opened around the clock, even on most holidays. Follow this Link to Google-Maps.



We decided against a subscription to cable-TV. It is our feeling, that the era of cable subscriptions has passed. Read more on the subject in The Atlantic: Triumph of The Tablet and The Atlantic: There Goes the Cable Bundle and The Atlantic: It's Here: ESPN Without Cable, The Denver Post on Cutting the Cord.

TV entertainment is digitally received by antenna; viewer may select out of a number of programs, including Spanish program, religious content and shopping channels. Check with the FCC for current information.

We suggest guests stream their TV live via the internet. Sources for Live-TV include: Sling, DirectTV, Verizon, Dish, Hulu


Air conditioning

A central air conditioning system is installed in every one of our homes. Please do not change the A/C settings on the thermostat, especially not to temperatures which would engage the A/C endlessly!

If it is a 100°F outside our A/C will not cool the inside of this place down to 65°F, instead at the attempt it will freeze and fail completely.

An A/C setting of 75-80°F is customary in homes in Florida.

If running the A/C please keep windows and doors closed! Humid air entering the house counters the drying effect of the A/C system. Warm air from the outside keeps engaging the A/C until it freezes, yet it is not possible to cool down the temperature on the lanai by opening the sliding doors.

In case the A/C ices over because you reset the thermostat or left open windows and/or doors please be prepared to be charged for technical service.



We respect your privacy! No one will enter your home without prior permission.

However, our homes are regularly tended by a variety of service companies, technicians, and care takers, like pool, lawn, and A/C service. While they usually announce themselves, the doorbell or knock might go unnoticed; still they may enter the lawn or the pool area. Please do not be startled!


Travel insurance

While our rates are non-refundable a convenient way to hedge against the risks of travel is a travel insurance.

Search for a suitable underwriter at or inquire with at your discretion.



When preparing our places for your visit we follow the guidelines for Vacation Rentals set forth by the CDC, the State of Florida, and our local municipality, Charlotte County.

Information on current restrictions and regulations can be found here:

The hand-over of the Vacation Home may be arranged with our keyholder prior to arrival in a such way that no personal contact whatsoever is necessary.


PDF-Signature without printer/scanner

You might have received a PDF-file you need to sign but lack a printer or scanner? Here is how to circumvent these obstacles.


Rental terms

Insofar as not otherwise stipulated our Rental terms apply.